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Fixed Line SMS Modem

Technical Information


Answers to commonly asked questions

International service centre numbers and alternative UK service providers

With links to operators Fixed Line SMS Web sites


Information about sending messages in PDU Mode, with links to ETSI GSM Specifications.

Details of the British Telecom Text To Speech retry schedule

News and press releases from British Telecom about the BT Text service

Z-text SDK

Openxtra, the UK Z-text reseller specialising in Environmental and

Network Monitoring have developed the Z-text SDK.

Bulk Send

Information about how to send large numbers of messages, and test your service providers throughput.


Information about the SMS modem USB Virtual COM Port drivers


Partners Web Site

Developers working with integrating the Z-text SMS modem with their own applications now have access

to beta releases of firmware and additional technical information. Contact us for access details.


Z-text Manual (PDF 591K)

Step by Step Installation guide for XP (PDF 381K)

AT Command Set (PDF 71K)

Details of the Z-text GSM compliant AT command set for use with alternative PC software, or for integration with bespoke applications.

Visual Basic Example (ZIP 3K)

Information on Visual Basic routines for interfacing with the Z-text SMS modem.

BT Fixed Line SMS Service (PDF 240K)
Service Description and Interface Specification (SIN 413).
Document copyright British Telecommunications plc.

FSMSC Testing (PDF 37K)

Packet View and blind dialling for service providers.

SMS iim Festtnettz (PDF 255K)

Deutschen Telekom guide to Fixed Line SMS (PDF 255K).

1 TR 140 (PDF 364K)

Deutschen Telekom Fixed Line specification.

Belgacom Fixed Line SMS Specification (PDF 315K)

France Telecom Specification in English (PDF 248K)

France Telecom Specification in French (PDF 252K)

Provides a good overview of ES 201 912.

Z-text PC application and USB drivers (ZIP 2.5MB)

Enables installation if original CD is lost.

Z-text with m:science SMS Server (PDF 434K)

Details of configuring m:science SMS server software for use with a Z-text SMS modem.

Links to external sources of information

(These links open in a new window)

British Telecom Fixed Line SMS Service "BT TEXT"

Information for end users about the British Telecom service.

European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI)

Here you can download the full technical specification of the international standard for Fixed Line SMS - ES 201 912.