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DSP Based Caller ID Simulator

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The most economical DSP based PSTN Simulator available, simulate any telephone network in the world for £560.00.

Standalone operation, PC only required for initial configuration.

In a production testing environment, ATE systems can change parameters between individual tests with simple AT commands.

Full specification

The 2FXS-A is invaluable for anyone involved with the development and factory testing of telecom's products.

Returns departments can quickly sort No Fault Found from genuine returns.

In a retail environment, products can be demonstrated without an actual telephone, and potential returns shown as not being faulty.

Monitoring and Telecare Centres can produce test calls as if coming from the customers own number.

Telephones used for drama or advertising purposes can show the correct calling number.

Very poor telephone line conditions can be simulated to identify products that are performing badly in the field.

 Programmable Line Parameters

 • Attenuation and Amplification

 • Call Progress Tones (Frequency, Level, Cadence)

 • Call Waiting

 • Configurable Dial Tone

 • DTMF and Pulse Dialling

 • Flash Detection Timing

 • Forced Disconnect

 • Impedances (600/800 Ohm)

 • Loop Current

 • Metering Tones

 • Network Delays up to 500ms

 • Number Unobtainable Tone

 • Polarity Reversal (Metering, Connect/Disconnect supervision)

 • Ring Frequency and Cadence

 • Ring Voltage

Network Impairments
 • Delays up to 500ms  
 • Echo (Far and Near)  
 • White Noise (Gaussian)
Programmable Line Features
 • DTMF Parameters    
 • Frequency Test Tone    
 • Hot Line Ringdown (PLAR)    
 • Two Phone Numbers per FXS port
Caller ID Features
 • International Caller ID (DTMF, FSK)    
 • Programmable Names (CID)    
 • Type I (SDMF/MDMF)

The supplied PSTN Manager software allows extensive customisation to individual requirements.

PSTN Manager screen shots

User Manual (PDF 618K)