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Australia and New Zealand

The Z-text SMS Modem has recently received regulatory approval.

Gestio NetAlertz

Developed by AK Computer Services (AKCSL), Gestio NetAlertz is a .NET application for sending alerts from Systems Management Applications such as Microsoft Operations Manager, NetIQ AppManager and Idera SQL Diagnostic Manager.

NetAlertz can send alerts to different groups depending on the type of alert by Email and the supplied Z-text SMS modem.

More information is available on the AKCSL web site.


Partners Web Site

Developers working with integrating the Z-text SMS modem with their own applications now have access to beta releases of firmware and additional technical information. Contact us for access details.

Bulk Sending

Information about how to determine your network providers throughput added to the SMS Modem Technical Section.

Control-See Alarm Notification Software

Z-text Landline SMS Modem now integrated for sending alarms from OPC/DDE servers, or any SCADA that supports OPC/DDE.

Control-See Software Solutions Press Release.

Intellipool Network Monitor

Z-text now integrated for sending SMS alerts.

Linux and MAC USB drivers

USB drivers are now available on request for Linux 2.4, 2.6, and MAC OS9, OSX.

Caller ID  Simulators

Parameters can now be changed by ATE systems.

International Fixed Line SMS Specifications

France Telecom specification in English and French added to the SMS Modem Technical Section.

Belgacom and Deutschen Telekom (in German) Fixed Line SMS specifications added to the SMS Modem Technical Section.

Don’t Shoot the SMS messenger

Texting is without doubt the best medium to get an urgent message to a member of staff away from the office. Be it information about a client, or an urgent alert to a network failure or environmental alarm. In practice, it can be a case of crossing your fingers, and hoping the message is received.

Read full news item.

Caller ID Simulators

NTS Telecom have recently been appointed sole European Distributors for the Virtual Console Advanced PSTN Simulators.

PDU Mode

New firmware has been released to development partners that supports the sending and receiving of messages in PDU Mode. PDU Mode is essential for use with some SMS Gateway applications that do not support Text Mode. PDU Mode also overcomes the limitations of the default GSM Character Set.

More Information

FSMSC testing with Z-text

Service providers all around the world have found the Z-text modem a convenient method of sending test messages to FSMSC servers. In response to a request from a service provider, Blind Dial, and view packet flow have been incorporated.

FSMSC Testing (PDF 37K)

Major export order

Overseas PTT takes delivery of fully customised Z-text SMS/CTI solution. Details available March/April 2006.

Integration with HomeSeer Home Automation software

Greensoftware based in Italy, have developed an SMS plug-in for HomeSeer Home Automation software. With this plug-in, HomeSeer can send text messages via the Z-text SMS modem about the status of an automated home, and receive messages that control connected devices.

HomeSeer Technologies LLC

HomeSeer Message Board for SMS
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