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Z-text SDK

Openxtra, the UK Z-text reseller specialising in Environmental and Network Monitoring have developed the Z-text SDK.

The Z-text SDK provides an easy to use interface to the Z-text SMS Modem. The SDK provides a Microsoft Windows COM based component for sending SMS messages via the Z-text modem. Sample applications are also present, written in both C# for .Net users; MFC for C++ users and VB6 for Visual Basic users. The SDK also includes a Microsoft Windows command line program for sending SMS messages. The command line program is useful for sending messages from third party software like network monitors and network management systems.

COM Component Interface

Included in the SDK is a COM interface to the Z-text Modem. The interface allows an application to easily access the Z-text SMS modem to perform various tasks, including: Sending SMS texts; Listing Unsent/Unread/Read messages stored on the modem; and Clearing Unsent/Unread/Read messages stored on the modem. There are various sample applications included within the SDK package.

Command Line

Also included in the package is the ZTextCmd, which is a pre-built Microsoft Windows command line tool to communicate with the Z-text modem.


The Z-text SDK requires Microsoft Windows 2000 and above.


Download the Z-text SDK (version (1.95MB) installation file.

Installation Instructions

To install the Z-text SDK all you need to do is double-click the downloaded .msi file and follow the instructions.