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Message Centre Numbers

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These settings are provided as information only, and the settings should be confirmed with the local network operator. Inclusion does not confirm that Z-text has been tested on a particular operator’s network.

Some networks require registration; this is typically done by sending “register” to a short code. Registration is required so that the service provider knows to deliver incoming messages as text, rather than as speech.

Where more than one incoming number is shown for a country, it is recommended that each of them is included in the incoming message centres. Where more than one outgoing message centre is shown, it may be necessary to register with each one, and then set the outgoing number to the preferred operator.

If any doubt exists as to the exact incoming number, replace the last few digits of the number with *. Used on its own without any preceding digits will cause the Z-text modem to answer all incoming calls, including calls that are not incoming text messages.

It should be remembered that Calling Line Identity must not be withheld, and Caller Identification Display must be enabled.

Clicking on a hyper linked Country will open that service provider's web page for Fixed Line SMS in a new window.

Our troubleshooting guide gives guidance on checking lines for compatibility.

Country Outgoing number (sending)  Incoming number (receiving) Registration
Australia Telstra 0198339100 0198339100 When first msg sent
Belgium 171700 171701  

Czech Republic Cesky Telecom

14700 14700  TXT to 1234
Denmark No service  No service   
France  08 09 10 1000 01 41 00 4900  
Germany Anny Way  19001504 Changing to 9003266900 19001504 Changing to 9003266900 Anmeld to 2547
Germany Deutsche Telecom  193010 1930100 Anmeld to 8888
Hungary Invitel  06 41 20 20 20 06 41 20 20 20 BEJELENT (REGISTER) to 8888 

Hungary Hungarotel (Protocol not known)

06 41 20 20 20 06 41 20 20 20 BEJELENT (REGISTER) to 8888 
Ireland (Republic) Eirecom 17409900 8183651350 When first msg sent 
Israel  14974800 036809900  
Italy (Protocol 2)  Not Compatible Not Compatible  
Netherlands   (see notes) 06 73 644 444 06 73 644 44400  
Maylasia Not Compatible (P2) Not Compatible (P2)  
Pakistan PTCL  1017 1017  
Portugal Not Compatible (P2) Not Compatible (P2)  
Singapore Singtel  64777915 6477790  
Slovakia Slovak Telecom      
South Africa Telkom  1091969 8810919690  
Sweden (see notes) 07409400000 07409400000  
Switzerland Cablecom  435375370 435375370  
Switzerland Swiss SMS Centre 9003266900 90032669000  
Vietnam VNPT Commences June 2006    
UK BT  1709 4009 0800 587 5290 Register to 00000
UK Kingston Communications 1709 4009 0800 587 5290 Register to 00000
UK Telewest  1709 4009 0800 587 5290 Register to 00000
UK Bizzyline (see notes)  0911 023 5029  0161 274 5990 When first msg sent
UK NTL 0911 023 5029  see notes  


Now that BT has launched BT Text, the future of the Bizzyline service is uncertain. To ensure compatibility with products that have not been updated with the BT service centre numbers, it is advised that one of the incoming numbers is 0161 274 5990.

Whilst the Bizzyline outgoing number is classed as premium rate, it will allow you to send to mobiles overseas, which the BT service will not.

Messages sent via the Bizzyline service will be received with the senders number shown as 07786 201010. To reply, the fixed line number must be inserted between hashes within the message, for example, #01234 123456#.


NTL is an amalgamation of the original UK individual cable TV regional franchises, as a result, different types of telephone exchanges exist around the UK. Some of these exchanges do not support Caller ID, so it is only possible to receive messages as speech. It maybe possible to use the BT settings in some areas, our troubleshooting guide gives guidance on checking individual lines for compatibility.


You can send to all mobile networks, receiving due Summer 2006.

DTMF Caller ID

Holland, Sweden, and other countries with DTMF Caller ID require the AT+NCLI=1 command added to the initialisation string in the Z-text advanced settings, or issued from Hyper Terminal. This only needs to be done once.