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Press release from Control-See Software Solutions Ltd 22/06/06

OPC Alarm Notification Software Enables SMS send/receive using a Landline SMS Modem


SMS is without doubt the best way to guarantee that alarm notifications from building management and process control systems are communicated and acted on without delay.


U.C.ME-OPC software version 6.01 includes the ability to send alarm notifications by Landline SMS.


Control-See have worked with UK based Landline SMS specialists NTS Telecom to incorporate the Z-text Landline SMS Modem with U.C.ME-OPC™


The benefits:


1. Sending SMS messages to both mobile and fixed line phones (which can also receive the message as speech).


2. Provides 99.999% Telecoms reliability that your message will get through.


3. Messages are charged to the normal telephone bill, no subscription or pre-payment.


4. No problems with signal strength or RF radiation.


Using the product's bidirectional SMS communication, recipients may also acknowledge alarms, query, or set field values.


The Z-text Landline SMS Modem is compatible with any worldwide telephone network supporting the international standard for Landline SMS -  ES 901 912 Protocol 1. Countries where the service is available include: Israel, Europe, Asia, South Africa, and Australia.



About U.C.ME-OPC:

U.C.ME-OPC supports bidirectional communication via SMS and Phone. Users may acknowledge alarms, query or change tag values via SMS or phone. U.C.ME-OPC™ is OPC client alarm notification and analysis software. It can connect to multiple OPC or DDE servers or any SCADA that supports OPC/DDE. It uses SMS, WAP, RSS, Phone, Fax, Email and Multimedia to notify users on alarm situations. 


Solutions: Building management, Security systems, Industrial control, Water treatment, Healthcare and more.


About Control-See:

Control-See Software Solutions Ltd, a leading provider of Alarm Notification & Analysis software tools, introduces new functionality – Customized Escalation Procedure using SMS.


About NTS Telecom:

NTS Telecom Ltd are worldwide specialists in the design and manufacture of Landline SMS modems for use with monitoring and alarm applications. Further information is available at www.ntstelecom.co.uk


Full U.C.ME-OPC User Manual (PDF 6.5MB)

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Contact Details:

Michael Meirovitz

President and CEO

Control-See Software Solutions Ltd

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Web: www.controlsee.com

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