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Fixed Line SMS Modem


The supplied installation software should always be installed before connecting the modem for the first time. If you are not intending to use the Z-text software, you only need to run driver.exe located in the driver subdirectory of the CD.

Only one program can use the modem at a time. This is the normal reason why the Z-text software reports “modem not found”, another reason is that the software was started with the modem disconnected.

Note that the Z-text application "Pins" itself to the Windows Startup menu. Z-text should be deleted from the Startup menu if it is not to be the default messaging application.

You can confirm that the host software is communicating with the modem by sending a message to a blank number. This will cause the modem to loop the message back to the inbox. This only applies for text mode, not when sending in PDU mode.

Telecom operators do not allow the sending of anonymous messages, so you must not withhold your outgoing Caller ID, you can add a prefix to the message sending number to force Caller ID if required. The default UK message centre number already includes this prefix.

You should have Caller Display activated on your line, so that the modem knows to answer an incoming call from the message centre.

The modem has the UK message centre numbers pre-programmed, these will need to be changed when the modem is used outside the UK. You will find the numbers here. The message centre numbers are entered in the advanced settings menu in the Z-text software. Alternatively, they can be programmed with an AT command.

The numbers only need to be programmed into the modem once, as they are stored in non volatile memory.

If any doubt exists as the exact number for the outgoing message centre, slowly dial the number from a normal landline phone, when you hear a squawk, you have the correct number. The number normally has an additional 0 or 9 appended, compared to the number that the operator shows for an SMS DECT telephone.

Holland, Sweden, and other countries with DTMF Caller ID require the AT+NCLI=1 command added to the initialisation string in the Z-text advanced settings, or issued from Hyper Terminal. This only needs to be done once.

If you are having problems receiving messages, open a Hyper Terminal session and ring the line the z-text modem is connected to. If you do not see the number you have dialled from, the problem is Caller ID related, not a problem with the modem or PC application.

Advanced users may wish to use the Debug option, this can be found in the ZTdebug folder on the supplied CD.